Friday, May 29, 2015

What is The International Homeschool?

My name is Ashley, and I am a missionary to Ecuador, in South America. Being a missionary has a lot of responsibilities, but God has put it on my heart that the most important mission field of all is first and foremost my children.

Motherhood is an incredible responsibility, and it is, like all ministry, difficult, tiring, frustrating, and not at all glamorous. But it is so very important.

Our children are the legacy we leave to this world, the ones who will carry on the all-important task of advancing the Kingdom of Christ once we are gone. From the time we first hold them in our arms, we are to teach them love, grace, mercy and compassion, first through our example and later, as they grow, through active instruction in the Word. 

We are their first connection with forming a real and vibrant relationship with Christ, that will transform their hearts and minds and impulse them on to change the world around them.

My role as a mother has always been the role of a teacher, but now I am actually teaching school! My oldest daughter is about to graduate from kindergarten and I am homeschooling her. 

It is such a blessing to be her teacher and come alongside her as she learns, but it is also incredibly challenging. It takes patience and kindness when those particular qualities are in short supply and don't come easily. 

That is the main reason why I started this blog. I do not have a host of terrific and original ideas, but I do have a lot of resources that I have scrounged up from the four corners of the internet and Pinterest, or that I have developed myself. I can explain how we do things, and tell you what has worked and what has not, and hopefully in all of that you will be encouraged!

My heart for all the moms out there is that we could realize together just how important this difficult job is, even when the impact of what we do is hidden from us during the "little years". We are called to do this job faithfully and diligently, and if we do, we can be sure that God will be faithful as well, and in His time we will see the fruit of all our effort in our children.

Thanks for coming by The International Homeschool! Feel free to look around, share your thoughts, and be encouraged!